A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In this game, you must cooperate with a teammate to make it as far as possible through the spaceship. Each player has a primary color, and you must work together to mix your primary colors to match the colors of the lasers. If you match correctly, you pass through unharmed. If not... well, then you die.

The game was originally developed for two xbox controllers, but can also be played by sharing a keyboard with your friend.

Character Selection:

Xbox: Left & Right Bumper change your selection, A chooses that character

Keyboard: A & D for Player 1 and <- and -> for Player 2 change selection. Left Shift selects for Player 1, Right Shift selects for Player 2.

Game Over:

XBox: A

Keyboard: Left or Right Shift


Xbox: Colors are mapped according to button colors. (A does not make you turn green)


P1: Blue = A, Yellow = W, Red = D

P2: Blue = Left Arrow, Yellow = Up Arrow, Red = Right Arrow

Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract it to some directory, and run the .exe.

NOTE: The _DATA directory is required


SpaceEvaders.zip 45 MB